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All prices quoted exclude VAT which will be charged at 17.5%. Please allow 14 days for delivery within the UK. If your order is urgent please ring 08700 635 939. If we cannot fill your order we will contact you.


Buy medical masks from our secure online shop.


N95 mask  N95 Surgeons Mask (SARS Mask)               20 Box = 44.50

120 Pack = 239.99


     Nuisance Mask (Cone Type),                    50 Box = 25.99



  3M Aseptex Surgical Mask,      50 Box = 32.99

300 Pack = 339.99


  Disposable 2 Ply,                                  100 Box = 14.50

 1000 Pack = 135.00


  Ear Loop Procedural Masks (Blue)             50 Box = 29.99

300 Pack = 159.99


  Ear Loop Procedural Masks (White)          50 Box = 29.99

300 Pack = 159.99


  Crosstex Surgical Face Masks,                 50 Box = 36.95

300 Pack = 199.95


  Crosstex Procedural Earloop (Pink),         50 Box = 36.95

300 Pack = 199.95


   Crosstex Ultra No-Fog Earloop,              40 Box = 44.50

240 Pack = 227.00


   TECNOL Fluidshield Mask w/Visor,         25 Box = 66.95

100 Pack = 229.95


     Barrier Ear-Loop Face Mask,                 50 Box = 29.99

300 Pack = 159.99


  Com-fit Procedural Mask,                      50 Box = 28.99

300 Pack = 149.99


  Latex Rubber Gloves (100 gloves box),    1 Box = 24.99

20 Boxes = 375.00


  Eye Saver Protective Glasses (Clear),              Each 7.99





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Postage will be added to all orders plus a packaging and handling charge of 2.50 for UK orders, 5.00 for overseas orders. UK orders will be posted uninsured either by first class mail or standard parcel post unless requested otherwise. This means that orders are sent entirely at your own risk and no refund will be made if the items are lost or stolen in the post. If you wish to include insurance please tick the box below and the order will be sent by Special Delivery which includes insurance. The average cost of sending one box of masks in the UK by Standard Parcel Post is about 3.00. The average box by Special Delivery is about 5.00 Overseas orders will be shipped by air by courier and includes insurance.


UK Orders only:


All orders are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions.

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Surgical face masks.

Surgical Face Masks