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1. Surgical Face Masks do not accept returns for any other reason other than the goods are faulty. Because of the nature of the product, surgical face masks are not covered by the sale of goods act unless the product is returned in the original unopened packaging with any seals intact.

2. Surgical Face Masks do not guarantee a delivery time or day of delivery of any order. Whilst every effort is made to despatch goods ordered within one to two business days, we shall not be held liable for any delivery problems over which we have no control.

3. An administration charge of 30 + Vat will be charged for any incorrect or amended chargeback on credit or debit cards or for changes to orders after they have been ordered which is not the fault of Surgical Face Masks..

4. Surgical Face Masks reserve the right not to accept any order at any time and it is agreed that Surgical Face Masks will not be liable for any fee or charge in respect of not accepting any order.

5. It is agreed that any goods supplied becomes the property of the buyer as soon as payment is received.

6. It is agreed that Surgical Face Masks responsibility for any goods shipped overseas ends as soon as the order is collected by the shipping agent or carrier.

7. Overseas orders: Surgical Face Masks shall not be held liable for any events over which it has no control. Such events include but are not limited to shipping delays and/or non delivery of goods due to quarantine, strike, war, plague, theft, or other.

8. In the event that the goods are returned to Surgical Face Masks by the shipping agent, carrier, or other, because of non-delivery, it is agreed that the buyer will be responsible for any transport, storage and insurance charges.

9. It is the responsibility of the customer to ascertain the suitability of any masks we sell before purchase. We cannot and do not give medical advice. We are not qualified to do so. Any question or queries regarding the suitability or technical specification of any masks should be directed to the manufacturers.





Surgical face masks.

Surgical Face Masks